What we do

Our volunteers from the ‘Welcome Home Service’ give free practical commonsense support for up to six weeks after discharge from hospital or after treatment from any other health establishment. Alternatively they may arrange other support.

The service is available to all Birmingham residents who have been in hospital in the City or elsewhere. We will receive referrals from medical professionals, social workers and from patients or their families.

Our Volunteers will:

Fetch shopping and/or prescriptions

Provide a food parcel on the day of discharge for patients who have no one to shop for them

Visit for a friendly chat

Any many more which can be seen in the About Us section and gallery

(We do not offer personal care, cleaning or laundry services, we can however advise on approved services)


Welcome Home Services

Will you be going in to hospital soon?

Are you worried how you will cope when you return home?

Do you have a friend or relative who will be coming out of hospital?

Are they worried how they will manage in the first few weeks?

This is where Home from Hospital can help you.

In order to grow our service to keep up with demand we URGENTLY need more volunteers to help us. Select above for more information.

More than 1300 Birmingham citizens were helped by us after discharge from hospital lest year!

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