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Want to help those who need it most?

An illness or injury followed by a hospital admission can be an extremely difficult and life changing experience. Many people face this alone, or with little support. Having someone to provide practical support following this event is imperative to a person's recovery.

Can I be a volunteer?

In a word, yes!

The numbers of people referred to us grows every year and we are always in need of more volunteers to join our fantastic team. So if you have some spare time, even if it is only a couple of hours a week, why not join us!? Our volunteers range in age from early 20s to early 80s, and come to us with a wide range of qualifications, backgrounds and work experiences. No formal training is required although regular training sessions are held covering such relevant topics as first aid, bereavement counselling, benefits advice etc.

All that we ask is that our volunteers are able to give practical, common sense support to the people they visit.

What would I do as a volunteer?

Our volunteers visit during the first four to six weeks after a patient's discharge from hospital. Our volunteers are committed to visiting once a week, but it could be more often depending on the patient's needs and the availability of the volunteer. You can have as many, or as few, patients to visit as you want. The length of time of each visit depends on what is involved, but on average would only take an hour or two.

The requirements of each client vary, but will typically include some or all of:

Sounds great, how can I apply?

Becoming a volunteer requires just 3 simple steps:

Complete an application form (link) and return it to

We then contact you to arrange a chat, complete a DBS check and collect some references. You will also be required to complete a short online safeguarding course.

Once this is completed, we match you with a service user and accompany you on your first befriending visit.

It couldn't be easier!